Dont hide your age. Flaunt It naturally at 40, 50, 60, and beyond!
You at your best

Introducing cutting-edge research that defends, prevents, and repairs skin damage. In The New Natural you'll discover how to:

Forehead Firm and tighten fine lines and eliminate brown spots with the noninvasive procedure on page 142.

  • Eye Stimulate collagen production and fill in deepening tear-through grooves that make you look tired. Dr. Sadick's choice of volumizing agent can be found on page 105.

  • Lips Rejuvenate and plump up your lips without overinflating. The two-step nonsurgical secret can be found on page 108.

  • Chin Lift sagging jowls and erase marionette lines with the top filler on page 167.

  • Neck Expect 30 to 50% improvement in neckline sagging after just one treatment. Details, page 112.

Beauty is a constant work in progress. The good news is, cutting-edge science has opened up a new world of possibilities without the surgeon's knife.

Today's goal is a new natural - the very best version of yourself that is youthful, refreshed, and REAL. That's the mission of one of Dr. Neil Sadick, one of New York City's top dermatologists and author of The New Natural.

With The New Natural, Dr. Sadick cuts through the clutter to reveal the techniques, procedures, and products that deliver the results you want, without the invasive procedures you don't. Using real-life examples and before-and-after photos from his groundbreaking clinical research, Dr. Sadick takes you step-by-step to unlock the treatment combination that meets your individualized needs.

PLUS you'll discover dozens of name-brand, over-the-counter products that really work. These are the same products Dr. Sadick recommends to his patients, based on his extensive clinical research.

It's the next best thing to being a patient in Dr. Sadick's clinic. Discover The New Natural for yourself!

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